Why Sheet Metal Processing Plants Need Laser Metal Cutter?

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cnc metal laser cutter

Current status of sheet metal processing industry

Laser Metal Cutter is widely used in metal industry,Why Sheet Metal Processing Plants Need Laser Metal Cutter?Let me tell you.

In recent years, the sheet metal processing industry has been developing rapidly every year. The sheet metal processing industry is an industry that is closely related to our lives. Although sheet metal processing accounts for only 20% to 30% of metal processing, most manufacturing industries involve sheet metal processing. Such as computers, machinery, agricultural machinery, fitness equipment, textile machinery, electrical appliances, instruments, sanitary equipment, kitchen utensils, bathroom furniture, office furniture, etc.

However, with the continuous rise of equipment technology and labor costs, the traditional sheet metal processing industry will face bottlenecks. Purchasing new soft equipment, high-efficiency equipment and challenging the technological limit will become an inevitable trend in the development of the sheet metal processing industry in the future.

Comparison of other cutting machines and laser cutting

Here is how various other cutting machines compare to cnc fiber laser cutting machine:

1.Flame cutting machine. Although the investment in flame cutting is low, the thermal expansion is too large when cutting the plate, which affects the cutting quality of the material, wastes the material, and the processing speed is not as fast as cnc fiber laser cutting machine. But for thick plate cutting, flame cutting still has advantages.

2. Plasma cutter. The precision of plasma cutting is higher than that of flame cutting, but the thermal expansion is large and the slope is large when cutting the plate. Compared with the precision cutting of laser metal cutter, the raw material is easy to waste.

3. Water jet cutting machine. High-pressure water cutting has no restrictions on materials, but the cutting speed is slow and the consumables are higher than cnc metal laser cutter.


Why cnc fiber laser cutting machine is so popular

Today, this is an information age where commodities are rapidly updated, and small batch production has become the mainstream method of sheet metal processing. In this mode, the application of laser metal cutter greatly saves mold production, secondary processing costs and production cycles, which cannot be achieved by other hardware processing and mold stamping.

With the rise of the laser metal cutter industry, the sheet metal processing industry has introduced laser cutting technology, which has enabled the rapid development of the sheet metal industry. This also fully reflects the flexible production capacity, process technology capabilities and precision processing manufacturing capabilities of cnc fiber laser cutting machine cutting. cnc metal laser cutter can meet various, multi-batch, non-standard, high-precision processing requirements.

In a sense, laser cutting machines have brought a huge technological revolution to sheet metal processing. Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting machines are easier to understand and learn, and have absolute advantages in processing effect and speed. Laser cutting machine is an inevitable trend in the choice of cutting methods in the future.

Laser cutting has high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency and short production cycle. Whether simple or complex parts, lasers can be used for rapid prototyping and cutting. The servo drive and motor used by laser metal cutter can improve the performance of the equipment, making the cnc fiber laser cutting machine run smoothly, with fast running speed, fast acceleration, high precision and high processing efficiency.

If you are a customer in the sheet metal processing industry, you can choose the most suitable cnc metal laser cutter according to your specific processing needs.

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