How Does Metal Laser Cutter Achieve Bright Surface Cut?

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In the process of metal laser cutting machine processing, if the carbon steel section is cut very smooth to achieve a “mirror surface”, we call it a “bright surface cutting” effect. Of course, the carbon steel of the medium and thick plate is firstly cut with a bright surface, and the carbon steel plate is too thin or too thick to achieve a bright surface cut. So how to achieve smooth cutting of medium and thick plates?

1.Adjust the cutting power of laser metal cutting machine.

Sheet metal varies in thickness, the greater the thickness, the greater the power required. Conversely, the smaller the thickness, the less power required. Therefore, the power of laser metal cutting machine should be adjusted according to the actual thickness of the metal plate to achieve the best cutting power.

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When carbon steel is cut with oxygen, the combustion of the material will release a lot of heat, so the oxygen pressure should not be too high. Generally speaking, the smaller the air pressure in the cutting range, the brighter the cutting section. However, in order to ensure the stability of cutting, a certain amount is generally added to the air pressure.

3.Adjust the nozzle size of the metal laser cutter cutting head

Beam quality, oxygen purity and gas flow can all be affected. The smaller the nozzle, the better the beam quality, the greater the oxygen purity and the smaller the gas flow. Therefore, if you want to achieve a smooth cutting effect, you should reduce the height of the metal laser cutter nozzle as much as possible.

4.Adjust the cutting focus of metal laser cutter

The beam emitted by the fiber laser head has a certain diameter. During smooth cutting, generally smaller nozzles are used. If the focal point is too large, it will cause the nozzle to heat up, which will affect the cutting quality and stability.

5.Control the cutting rate of metal laser cutting machine.

If the cutting speed of metal laser cutting machine is too fast, it will easily lead to incomplete combustion of the carbon steel plate, and if the cutting speed of carbon steel is too slow, it will cause excessive combustion, which will cause the carbon steel to melt and deform. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring that the carbon steel does not deform, the cutting rate should be increased as much as possible to achieve fast cutting.

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Of course, if you want to achieve a bright surface effect by using laser metal cutting machine to cut metal plates, the operator needs to practice in actual operation and continuously improve the cutting process to achieve better results.

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