How To Maintenance Fiber Laser Cutting Machine In Winter

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As our important production tool, fiber laser cutting machine requires regular maintenance to improve its service life and maintain good cutting efficiency. As the temperature gradually drops across the country, fiber optic laser cutter daily antifreeze work needs to be put on the agenda again.

fiber laser cutting machine maintenance

1. Provide the right temperature for fiber laser cutting machine

1) .It is best to install air conditioners or other heating equipment in the fiber optic laser cutter operating site, so that the ambient temperature can be kept at 20 degrees Celsius. If there will never be a power outage in the local area, the water chiller will not be turned off at night. At the same time, in order to save energy, the temperature of low-temperature and normal-temperature water is adjusted to 5~10°C to ensure that the cooling water is in a circulating state and the temperature is not lower than freezing point.

2). Although the influence of temperature on fiber laser cutting machine is not particularly large, many users will add butter to the screw rod and forget to clean it in winter, which will make it difficult for fiber optic laser cutter to move every time it is turned on. The winter in the north is very cold, and the temperature in the studio will be very low. Although the engine oil is added, the  fiber optic laser cutter still cannot move. At this time, we must ensure that the temperature in the workshop reaches the lowest temperature of the melting point of butter.

2. Provide suitable cooling water for fiber optic laser cutter

1). For a cold water refrigerator that operates continuously, the water body generally does not freeze when it is flowing.

2) .Due to the hot weather in summer, the cooling water needs to be replaced regularly in summer to avoid the cooling water exceeding the specified temperature. In the cold winter, many users will ignore this point, thinking that the water temperature will not increase much in cold weather. So many fiber laser cutting machine users often forget to change the water. Especially in winter, because the outside temperature is very low, it is difficult to feel the heat generated by the fiber optic laser cutter chiller. Therefore, we specially remind users that cooling water is a necessary condition for the normal operation of fiber laser cutting machine chillers, and remember to change the water. If the cooling water is too dirty, it will cause serious damage to the fiber laser cutting machine water chiller. It is also very important to ensure that the cooling water is clean.

3) .If the fiber optic laser cutter is not used for a long time or in the event of a power outage, the water in the cold water tank, the water in the filter and the pipeline must be drained.

Note: All cooling water in the fiber optic laser cutter laser, cutting head, lens, and water cooler must be drained cleanly, so as to effectively protect the entire set of water cooling pipelines and related components!

3. Provide antifreeze for fiber laser cutting machine

When fiber laser cutting machine is used in an environment where there are frequent power outages and it is not possible to drain the coolant every day, antifreeze must be used. The base liquid of antifreeze is generally composed of yeast and water. It requires high boiling point and flash point, high specific heat and conductivity, low viscosity at low temperature, not easy to foam, and does not corrode metal parts, rubber hoses, etc. When selecting or preparing antifreeze, its freezing point should be 5°C lower than the lowest temperature of the operating environment.

1) .Use ethanol for short-term winterization of fiber optic laser cutter:

If there is a power failure and the cooling water cannot be emptied, and temporary short-term antifreeze is required, ethanol (alcohol) can be added to deionized or purified water, and the amount added should not exceed 40% of the water tank volume, because ethanol is very corrosive and harmful to grease, Paint and rubber parts are corrosive, and are also corrosive to metal, so they cannot be used for a long time. They must be drained and cleaned with pure water or deionized water within a week. If there are still antifreeze requirements, special antifreeze must be selected.

2) Use a professional brand of special antifreeze for the fiber laser cutting machine:

There are two types of antifreeze suitable for fiber laser cutting machine:

①Ethylene glycol-water type (industrial supplies, poisonous to human body)

②Propylene glycol-water type (food grade, harmless to human body)

Note: Any antifreeze cannot completely replace deionized water and cannot be used for a long time throughout the year. After winter, the pipeline must be cleaned with deionized water or purified water, and the use of deionized water or purified water as a coolant must be resumed.

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