What Gas Does CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Use?

What gas does CNC fiber laser cutting machine use?

Do you know what gas does CNC fiber laser cutting machine use? This article tells you which gas cutting efficiency is the highest.

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CNC metal laser cutter needs high pressure gas to blow out the cutting waste residue when doing business, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient cutting. However, the cutting gas required for different plates is different, and the cutting efficiency of different gases for the same plate is different. Next, Alpha laser will tell you how to choose the appropriate gas cutting.

1.Gas commonly used by metal laser cutter machine

The auxiliary gases that cnc fiber laser cutting machine can use mainly include oxygen, nitrogen, air and argon. These gases need to be compressed and stored, and machines and equipment need to be connected when they are used. Air can be prepared by self purchasing air compressor equipment, and other gases may need to be purchased, which is also a large cost. Therefore, many business owners choose to replace all of them with air, but this is absolutely no good, because the use of different metal plates with different gases will lead to a decline in accuracy and loss of more materials.

2.CNC fiber laser cutting machine Gas required for cutting different plates

When we use fiber laser cutting machine to process stainless steel, we should choose nitrogen. Nitrogen can prevent the incision from oxidation, so that the treated incision will not become black. When selecting nitrogen, choose high-purity.

If CNC metal laser cutter is used to process carbon steel plates, oxygen shall be used. Oxygen mainly plays a combustion supporting role, which can accelerate the processing speed of the workpiece. Of course, the purity of oxygen should be as high as possible.

Metal laser cutter machine can also use oxygen in some processes that are not very precise, because the cost of using oxygen is low and the auxiliary effect is large.


3.Precautions for gas use

Improper blowing of shielding gas may lead to poor weldingSelecting the wrong gas type may cause cracks in the weld and may also reduce the mechanical properties of the weld

Selecting the wrong gas injection flow rate may lead to more serious weld oxidation (whether the flow rate is too large or too small), and may also lead to serious interference of the molten pool metal by external forces, which may lead to weld collapse or uneven formation.

Selecting the wrong gas injection mode will lead to the failure to achieve or even no protection of the weld or have a negative impact on the weld formation.

Blowing in shielding gas will have a certain impact on the weld penetration, especially when welding thin plates, it will reduce the weld penetration.


When using CNC fiber laser cutting machine, you must install standard requirements or reference standards for operation, otherwise it will lead to problems such as unqualified processing workpiece and increased processing waste. Finally, we will purchase the equipment of Alpha laser, and we will give you professional guidance on sheet metal processing to provide you with more comprehensive after-sales service.

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