How to choose sheet metal laser cutting machine?

How to choose sheet metal laser cutting machine?

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How to choose sheet metal laser cutting machine? What should we pay attention to when purchasing a steel laser cutter, and how to select a suitable laser cutting machine? Which aspects do you choose to purchase laser cutting machine metal from? Today let Alpha Laser tell you.

sheet metal laser cutting machine

How to choose the right sheet metal laser cutting machine accessories

What brand and model of sheet metal laser cutting machine laser head, laser, control system, motor, etc. are used:

1).Steel laser cutter’s laser head is usually divided into manual focusing and automatic focusing. The manual focusing laser cutting head requires manual focusing by the operator; The laser head with automatic focusing will be more convenient.

2).Steel laser cutter‘s laser can be divided into single module and multiple modules. Generally, single module only cuts thin plates; Multi module can reach 25000 watts at most.

3).Sheet metal laser cutting machine’s control systems are generally well done by regular manufacturers. Common control systems include Cypcut, Weihong, Au3tech, etc.

4).Other accessories used by laser cutting machine metal, such as motors, chillers and other supporting equipment, have been developed for many years. The price is relatively transparent and the quality is OK, so it does not require too much effort.


Aspects that customers need to pay attention to when purchasing steel laser cutter

When purchasing the laser cutting machine metal, the customer should investigate and compare the production base, brand reputation, personnel status, after-sales security and other aspects of laser cutting machine metal manufacturers:

1).Size of production base of sheet metal laser cutting machine manufacturer;

2).Sheet metal laser cutting machine’s market share and brand recognition;

3).The service attitude of laser cutting machine metal factory has a direct impact on the customer’s experience of using the product and the subsequent maintenance.

4).Laser cutting machine metal price, the price can see whether there is a discount for the whole model? Is the installment interest free? Can we finance?

5).Laser cutting machine metal service, a device starting from hundreds of thousands of dollars, must have problems in the use process. What is the warranty period of the whole machine? How long is the after-sales response time? Can the problem be solved?

6).Sheet metal laser cutting machine after-sales service and Steel laser cutter manufacturer’s after-sales situation will also affect the production progress of consumers. Before purchasing, we must communicate the after-sales processing time to avoid more losses caused by Steel laser cutter equipment failure.

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