What Industries is Metal Laser Cutter Used For?

What industries is metal laser cutter used for?

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1.Metal laser cutter for decoration industry

1. Metal laser cutter for decoration industry

Due to its fast speed and flexible cutting, metal laser cutter can quickly form many complex graphics, which is deeply loved by decoration companies. If required by the customer, after the drawings are made through computer-aided design, the relevant materials can be directly cut, and the customer requires customization without any difficulty.

2. Metal laser cutting machine for automobile industry.

2. Metal laser cutting machine for automobile industry

Metal laser cutting machine technology is also needed in many parts of the automobile industry, such as front cover, automobile sheet metal, etc., This requires machining after forming some extra corners or burrs. If manual operation is used, the efficiency and accuracy can hardly reach the ideal standard. Robot laser cutting can be processed quickly!

3.Fiber laser cutter for advertising industry

3. Fiber laser cutter for advertising industry

Advertising is very personalized and traditional methods are inefficient. Fiber laser cutter is very suitable for this industry. No matter what kind of words, no matter how many different companies, and how wonderful customer needs, they can be produced quickly.

4. Metal laser cutter for kitchen appliance industry

Now there are more and more houses, more and more decoration, and the demand for kitchen related products is also growing. The metal laser cutter is very suitable for cutting thin stainless steel, with fast speed, high precision and good effect. It can realize customized and personalized product development, and is loved by kitchen appliance manufacturers.

5. Metal laser cutting machine for lighting industry

5. Metal laser cutting machine for lighting industry

At present, the mainstream outdoor lamps are big tubes, which are cut into different types. There are more and more retro products with a wide variety. Traditional cutting methods are inefficient and cannot achieve personalized development. The metal laser cutting machine has just solved this problem. Computer operation can also save a lot of labor costs.

6. Fiber laser cutter for sheet metal processing

In short, sheet metal processing is to cut all kinds of plates and graphic parts. The industry gives full play to the advantages of fiber laser cutters. Time and labor saving, high cutting accuracy, less materials, waste can be processed. The sheet metal industry should be one of the most commonly used industries for laser cutting machines.

7. Metal laser cutter for cabinet industry

7. Metal laser cutter for cabinet industry

Including power distribution box, computer case, etc., they are all processed and produced with thin plates, which requires high speed. The metal laser cutter – 6 station is the most suitable model with high speed. Some specified plates can even be cut in double layers.

8.Metal laser cutting machine for fitness equipment

8. Metal laser cutting machine for fitness equipment

In recent years, many people in China are in a sub-health state, and many enterprises attach great importance to the dissemination of the concept of sports health. Many community fitness equipment and household fitness equipment are developing rapidly and in great demand. Basically, there is a great demand for plates and pipes. In order to meet the market demand, many manufacturers have also produced dual-use laser cutting machines, which is also of great help to the fitness equipment industry.

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